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Jojo Seriña has been an artist since he was little. Born in the Philippines and educated in the Philippines and Australia. He has lived in San Francisco, California, Honolulu, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Nevada and now based in Cebu City, Philippines. He travels around the world either for work or pleasure.

Photography started as Jojo’s hobby while working at Kaiser Permanente as a Sr. Systems Analyst 6 years ago. He started as a landscape photographer where most of his works were inspired by great landscape photographer, Peter Lik. His impressive landscape works caught the attention of many and sold a lot of them to upgrade and improve his photography equipment.

While living in Hawaii, Jojo noticed that wedding photography is a lucrative business. Whether it’s recession or not, a lot of couples get married so he decided to venture in wedding photography business. In his first year in the business, he photographed over a hundred weddings. People love his photojournalistic and contemporary style in photography.

A wedding is one of the most significant and emotional rituals that any two people can choose to undertake. I appreciate the enormity of the wedding commitment, and the importance of capturing all of the special moments.

I personally believe that in order to capture your best moments, my clients have to be comfortable working with me. My friendly and accommodating personality helped me easily establish that rapport needed to capture natural and beautiful moments. My editorial style caters to clients that prefer a more unobtrusive and journalistic approach to wedding photography but yet would still like some romantic and elegant portraiture.

On the special day, I work tirelessly to make a complete record of the unfolding events. I’m always discrete, and never interrupt the natural flow of the drama. The beautiful details of flowers and gowns, the intimate glances between bride and groom, and the many joyous and poignant emotions that abound are all carefully framed and documented in my shots.

My lighting and exposure techniques combined with my high quality camera lenses and equipment allow me to use natural or diffused lighting to capture beautiful images. I incorporate my fine art photography background, editing tools and creativity into creating images full of rich saturated color, energy and motion.